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If you're not sure of exact fit, we always recommend ordering one size up - babies come in many shapes and sizes and age only act as a guide!  If you have any questions regarding specific measurements, please contact us and we'd be happy to help. Please note we are not able to return washed garments for sizing reasons.

Size Chart Parade Organics


Are there any specific washing instructions I should follow for organic cotton?
We recommend you wash cold and tumble dry low for best results and the least shrinkage. Conventional cotton apparel is generally treated with chemicals during finishing to reduce the shrinkage effects of heat. Organic cotton is not treated, so in high heat it is possible for the cotton to shrink more. Shrinkage is worse for the lengths of the garments and is less noticeable for widths.
Do not use bleach or harsh detergents on natural, organic cotton - it will cause fading and weakening of the fibers.

Will the dyes fade?
Eco-friendly dyes are just as long lasting as the harmful dyes used on conventional products. However, they will fade if powerful detergents or bleaching agents are used.

Because there are no chemical color fixatives used in our clothing,  please do not mix dark colors with light ones for the first few washes. For the first wash, if you add ¼ cup of vinegar to the final rinse, this will help to set the color and resist fading or bleeding.
Tip! - when washing prints, you can turn them inside out during the first few washes to help lock in the color.

Is Organic cotton durable?
Organic cotton is much stronger because it is not exposed to the weakening, harsh chemicals that commercially grown cotton is, therefore organic cotton will last many years, and can be handed down to many babies to com